• Of Doormats and Tiles

    Winter is upon us in the lower mainland; a week of sub-zero lows and single digit highs, punctuated by a series of heavy storms with high winds and unprecedented rain. It’s common weather in the area between October and April. The change of season brings

  • Coffee Stains and Water Damage

    If you’re like me, coffee is an integral part of your life. Early mornings just wouldn’t happen without it. However, its also a time when not all cylinders are firing, and well, accidents can happen... like this one:

    Coffee is a somewhat tricky

  • Managing Expectations.

    At ServiceMaster Clean Residential we really try to do our best to meet our customers needs and expectations: it is the essence of our company. One question we often receive is “can you guarantee that you can remove this stain?” Its one we would love

  • Moving Time

    Recently moved out of an apartment I lived in for the past five years. it was mostly wood flooring or tile except for a bedroom, which is all light coloured carpet. Its kinda critical. If you're trying to sell the suite, it can significantly improve

  • Chairs

    While carpet cleaning is our main area of business, we also do upholstery. Chairs are one of several types of furniture that we clean, but they can be surprisingly difficult to clean. Often upholstered chairs are constructed with better fibres than other furniture, which are

  • Filtration Lines

    Have you noticed in your house or apartment a darkening line forming around the edges of your baseboards? Something that looks like a dark lint collecting along the edges of your carpet. These are called filtration lines and are a pretty common issue in homes

  • Stairs and Carpets

    Stairs are actually one of the highest use areas in a home. Its a choke point: most multi story family homes have only one staircase, which funnels all the traffic into it. That's particularly true in townhouses that are extremely common in the Greater Vancouver

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