• Fall and the Halloween Aftermath

    We’ve been lucky with the great weather this fall, up until now. With a strong storm hitting us during the halloween weekend, and a grey and blue filled five day forecast, it seems that real fall has arrived.  Kids

  • Delicate Area Rug cleaning.

    So this was a rug brought in by a customer. It was a very high quality antique wool fibre, which had been damaged and dirtied during a recent renovation on their house. This was among one of our more

  • Extract the Smoke Out of Your Life


    Is this what it looks like outside of your window?

    Dusty dry weather, and the smoke coming from forest fires… its been an weird summer for Metro Vancouver. One person described

  • Allergies and Hot Water Extraction.



    This spring and summer in BC has been unusually warm and dry: May was the driest on record, with negligible rain over the entire month. This has led to a serious issue; very high pollen

  • Cooking oil: a stubborn problem


    Cooking oil can be difficult. First off there are plenty of different types of oils. It could be butter, olive oil, canola or animal fat. They are also impregnated with the food they cooked; meats and vegetable

  • Training Day, ServiceMaster Style.



    One aspect of ServiceMaster Clean residential that we pride ourselves in is our professionalism.

  • Rug Cleaning Rentals vs Calling a Professional: the Dirty Truth



    So at ServiceMaster Clean Residential Vancouver, we often get this conversation on the phone: 

    “I’m looking for a quote

  • ServiceMaster Clean: Helping you clean, wherever you are.

    Most of ServiceMaster Clean clients are homeowners booking weeks in advance, where common things like furniture and pets are the biggest obstacles. However sometimes we get frantic customers with unique problems that require immediate resolution. Our challenge is

  • Spot Cleaning Guide

    Everyone says their cleaning product is the best.  But how do you know what to really use for spot cleaning your carpet? With so many products out there, what should you look for to ensure that you’re using what you should for your carpet.

    Our product

  • From the Field: Why You Should Use A Professional

    The first two pics below demonstrate the carpet damage that can be caused when an untrained individual tries to clean up carpet stains.

    Problem - Wrong cleaning agents used, PH levels boosted using wrong products causing discoloration, burning of carpet fibres and/or colour loss.

    Solution - Bring

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