Cleaning Your Carpet

Cleaning Your Carpet

Everyone says their cleaning product is the best. But how do you know what to really use for spot cleaning your carpet? With so many products out there, what should you look for to ensure that you’re using what you should for your carpet.

Our product lines are developed by ServiceMaster's R&D department, a $5 billion dollar company. They are designed and tested to meet all necessary standards and requirements for excellence. That’s how our green line or products was born. However, you may not have that type of backing when selecting a cleaning agent from the local store. Here’s what to look for, and a simple residue test if you need a quick solution and you don’t have time to call in the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean.

To start you need the right tools for the job. There are several things you need to avoid:

  • Avoid - harsh chemicals - Clorinated solutions, petrolium distillates, quaternary solutions and solvents.
  • Avoid - High PH: When selecting a cleaning agent, avoid products with pH levels over 9.5
  • Avoid – Toxicity: non-toxic, and inflammable solvents.
  • Avoid – Optical Brighteners: They can adversely affect the coloration of carpet and lead to premature yellowing and aging.
  • Avoid – Sticky Residue: Products that leave a sticky residue will result in rapid resoiling and the need for more frequent cleanings. If you're unsure, its best to test the cleaner by letting it dry in a clean glass dish, and checking if the residue is either dry and powdery (good) versus sticky, oily, greasy or waxy (Bad.)

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