• Fabrics and its Cleanability

    Fabrics and its Cleanability

    Sofas and chairs in a home often see a lot of love and use, and thus show soil and dirt quickly. You may not be concerned about stains on your upholstery. But what about the dirt you can’t see? Although not often visible to the

  • Get ready to clean your Carpets this Season

    Get ready to clean your Carpets this Season

    The spring and early summer can be tough on your Carpets. Pollen and dust can be big contributors to dirt on your carpets this time of year.

    It is a fact that dirt and dust can get trapped in floor covering and it can be difficult



    Your Carpet is one of the first things people notice when they enter your house and a clean carpet projects a well maintained image. Neglect or improper care of carpet can lead to matting, fading, fraying and premature and costly replacement. This are some care

  • Fall and the Halloween Aftermath

    We’ve been lucky with the great weather this fall, up until now. With a strong storm hitting us during the halloween weekend, and a grey and blue filled five day forecast, it seems that real fall has arrived.  Kids

  • Delicate Area Rug cleaning.

    So this was a rug brought in by a customer. It was a very high quality antique wool fibre, which had been damaged and dirtied during a recent renovation on their house. This was among one of our more

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