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Carpet Protection

Applying carpet protection is one of the best ways to enhance the long-term appearance of your carpet and the ideal time to do this is after each professional cleaning. Carpet Protection Carpets develop a worn out appearance without protection in areas of high use. This is caused by the abrasions from soil left on the fibers that causes them to dull and grey.

Three Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Carpet

1. Reduces permanent stains.

Unprotected carpets do not repel spills as well as protected ones. Treatment will allow you to remove spots and spills easily and more effectively, which can be the difference between a spill and a permanent stain. It works by adding a smooth layer to the exterior of fibers, preventing particles and fluids from adhering.

2. Helps to protect well-trod areas from wear.

Areas where residents walk frequently suffer disproportionately from abrasion damage. By applying a treatment, soils are unable to adhere to the fibres and prevent this problem. This also increases the effectiveness of vacuuming, as foreign particles are easily dislodged from the material. This can be an benefit for households where dust or pollen is a concern.

3. Makes your next professional cleaning more effective.

As with daily use, high quality carpet protector will facilitate the effectiveness of your next cleaning by making it easier for our cleaning technicians to bring your carpets original beauty back to life.


Area Rug Cleaning

With more and more houses installing hardwood instead of carpet, area rugs have increasingly become a way to add color and style to one’s floor. It has become a key part of a home’s décor and should be cleaned at the same time as regular carpet in order to ensure the best appearance.

Area rugs require special attention that often is not possible at your home. Area rugs can be cleaned on site if there is a suitable location, specifically over a carpet, tile or concrete. ServiceMaster Clean technicians use the same hot water extraction system to clean area rugs as a fully carpeted floor, but with significantly more effort. Carpeted rugs tend to have thicker and longer fibers than regular carpets, while weaved rugs are tightly compressed fibers that are difficult to penetrate. This means more water and solution is required, which can damage hardwood, laminates and other “softer” flooring.

In cases where in-home service is not possible, we will bring the carpets back to our main office and give them a thorough cleaning. They will be dried on racks, bagged and returned to you in a few weeks time (or earlier if special arrangements are made).

Duct Cleaning


Cleaning your home air ducts can dramatically improve you the air quality in your home, by reducing dust and allergens, as well as other particulate matter that can contribute to asthma and other respiratory problems.

At ServiceMaster Clean, our highly training technicians use proprietary equipment and methods to clean and sanitize your duct system to improve the overall air quality in your home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Over time, the build up of lint in your dryer vent poses a potential fire risk.  Additionally, clogged dryer vent hose cause your dryer to work harder, which increases your energy costs.  If you notice that it is taking more time for your clothes to dry, chances are, your dryer vent and hose are in need of cleaning.

At ServiceMaster Clean, our trained technicians will use specialized equipment to thoroughly clean the dryer vent and hose as well as the exterior vent hood to remove lint build up, leaving your dryer operating at peak efficiency.


Amazing carpet cleaning result!

Amazing carpet cleaning result!

The other day Rene had an appointment in a house that was empty because the people living there were moving out to a

Hire Professional Cleaning and Renew the Color of your Carpets

Hire Professional Cleaning and Renew the Color of your Carpets

Area Rugs and Carpets can warm your home by adding color, texture and pattern. Vacuum regularly provides the first line of defense against