Dealing with Pet Stains

A few weeks ago our technician Raul was called to an apartment building and was faced with this: 

Apparently a dog decided to use the public hallway as his private outhouse. Although people had tried to clean the mess, as you can see the mess remained and there was a distinct odor in the room. While this was one of the worst situations we have faced, our technicians often see smaller pet stains in residences. 

Raul's approach required several different methods. It included a urine treatment to remove the harsh ph residue that can permanently damage your carpet. It also included a hard scrubbing, a sanitization in order to kill any bacteria and odors, as well as several hot water extractions. A key part is to really get a deep cleaning,as pet stains can get into the underlying mat and reemerge in several days if not properly treated the first time around. 

This is the result, after the extraction. That's after we spray a solution, add the hot water, then remove it. 

Afterwards, it looks clean, but there was a strong smell of urine... so Raul used the bonnet.

Looks pretty good ! Once dry the carpet should have an even appearance and any odor will disappear.