Interim Maintenance Clean and Hot Water Extraction.

Interim Maintenance Clean and Hot Water Extraction.

The carpets in your building is one of the first things that people notice. Having a clean carpet projects a well maintained image.

When your carpets are being cleaned, the most important thing to remember is that it is not a matter of using one method or the other, but both combined in a maintenance program to achieve the desired results and follow warranty requirements.  Interim cleaning generally cleans the top 30% of the carpet fibers removing spots and stains, and hot water extraction cleaning includes the bottom 70%.  Used together, they are very effective; much more than when just one method is used alone.

With the Maintenance Clean, spots and stains should be removed and the carpet will be cleaner.  Top 30% of the carpet fibers will be serviced.  On carpet with longer fibers, there may be swirl marks from the rotary motion which will disappear as people walk on the carpet, or once it has been vacuumed.  Technicians have reported that this is the best method for getting most visible stains out of carpet. With the Hot Water Extraction, spots and stains will be removed, bottom 70% of the carpet fibers will be cleaned as well as the top 30%.  It is the best restorative method for heavily soiled carpets. 

Each has its’ place in the overall picture of carpet maintenance.


Raul did a great job cleaning the carpets of this building using both Interim Maintenance Clean and Hot Water Extraction. 

No individual cleaning method can be accurately described as best for every carpet in every situation.  However, both methods combined with frequent vacuuming and spot removal are necessary to keep a carpet warranty valid.